I upgraded to the 13″ MacBook Pro 2016

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I did it. I went ahead and upgraded my 4-year-old “retro” MacBook Pro. You know, the  old one with the disc drive, the non-Retina screen and some ancient disc-type technology?

The new MacBook Pro has been getting a lot of bad press since it was announced last week. I too felt somehow cheated having been waiting for so long. I’m not sure what I was expecting, I just found the new TouchBar to be a massive gimmick. Once I calmed down after the announcement I was ready to trade-up.

Whilst I COULD have got the slightly older 2015 model which is cheaper and similarly specced, I decided to go for the new 13″ model (sans TouchBar) in Space Grey.

Why choose the 2016 version?

I needed a few things from a new MacBook:

  • Slimmer, portable design
  • SSD
  • Retina screen
  • Future-proof specs

The new MacBook Pro delivers on all of these points.

Inspired by the updated MacBook design, it is elegant, small and perfectly powered for my needs. It is exactly what it sets out to be:

A 2016 update to a pretty-damned perfect line of laptops.

Fantastic Keyboard, gorgeous screen, reduced size and a sexy SpaceGrey colour – what more do you want?


For my needs, it does the job. I rarely plug anything in any more, opting for cloud and wireless in almost every case. Apple TV, Dropbox, Bluetooth – I honestly don’t need any ports! Would have been nice if Apple had thrown in a USB-C on the opposite side though. Is three really too much to ask for?

…and here in lies the issue.

I am who Apple had in mind when they designed this upgrade. A mid-level user who dabbles with Photoshop, edits a view HD videos each year and wants a future-proofed laptop.

But that doesn’t make me PRO user! This is the laptop the lower-end “Macbook” range should be.

I’d have even got the MacBook if it wasn’t so ridiculously underpowered.

These higher models SHOULD be more beefed up and have for more ports so creators who need them can plug in all their tech.

It also needs to be about £200 cheaper!

That doesn’t stop me loving this laptop – throw in a couple of extra ports and it would have been perfect!

…Oh and I’ve started blogging again.

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