Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the real backbone any online traffic campaign. Ranking on page one of Google isn’t just luck – it’s a long-term effort that comprises of on-page optimisations and continuous outreach. As an expert SEO freelancer, it’s my job to get you there.

Proven SEO Results

Over the past five years, I have provided tangible SEO results for business after business. Getting them top Google results and bringing in an influx of new web traffic that they wouldn’t otherwise have seen. My current work with leading job site CV-Library has garnered exponential search engine organic growth and is bringing in thousands upon thousands of new visitors every month.

Real-Time Reporting

I’m a big believer when it comes to keeping you in the loop. With the leading SEO tools at my disposal and my expert knowledge in getting the most out of them, I can update you week on week with how things are going.

Many SEO agencies act as magicians, not giving you the information you need to know or telling you where your investment is going. The return you get from working with me is tangible, reliable and result driven – no rabbits out of black hats here.

Recent Feedback

"Ben demonstrated a depth of knowledge and expertise both in SEO and our specific contact lens market." - David Ansell, Feel Good Contacts.

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On-page and Blogger Outreach


You’re probably wondering what it is I do to get you top of Google. Well there’s a lot to it. From auditing your entire website and making technical changes to help Google rank you correctly, through to contacting companies, bloggers and websites for digital PR purposes. And that’s just scraping the surface.

Collaboration & Partnership


It’s completely up to you whether you want to be part of the entire process or want to take a back seat and just see the results flood in month on month. Either way, you’re going to love the amount of traffic coming through to your site. It takes time, but it can be done!

SEO Help is on hand

Again and again I surprise clients with sustainable, record SEO growth. As an SEO freelancer, I’m committed to you and your business goals. Knowing the SEO landscape left to right enables me to help any business, charity, or social enterprise.

Start fixing your SEO

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